4Easysoft Releases AMV Movie Converter: For Enjoying Entire Movies on 256MB RAM MP3/MP4 Players!

Company: Harbour Software
Published: 10 January, 2011
With the fast development of electronic technology, more and more advanced digital devices have come to be, but nobody can keep pace with these digital devices. Comparing 256MB RAM MP3/MP4 players with large memory support players, many will say that it is incredible and incomparable. But now the release of 4Easysoft AMV Movie Converter can make it come true and help users enjoy entire movies on 256MB RAM MP3/MP4 players. There will be no need to envy others who have advanced media players or spend extra money on these digital devices.

This AMV Movie Converter is professional software which can convert all popular video formats including MPEG, MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, etc to AMV and MTV videos. Besides, it can extract MP3, MP2 and WAV audios from input videos with high music quality. Apart from this, users can enjoy their personalized movies with powerful editing functions, such as trim, crop, and merge.

New features of 4Easysoft AMV Movie Converter:

1. Setting Video Resolution: This AMV Movie Converter provides users six kinds of video resolution, they are 96*64, 128*96, 160*120, 176*144, 192*160, and 208*176. Users can set suitable resolution for their video players.
2. Adjusting Frame Rate: It supports 10fps, 12fps, and 16fps. Users can enjoy fluent videos by adjusting frame rate.
3. Choose audio track and subtitle: Users can personalize their movies by choosing audio track and subtitle, so as to enjoy special output videos.

It is now possible to enjoy a complete movie on a 256MB RAM MP3/MP4 player.

In a word, the release of 4Easysoft AMV Movie Converter ends the trouble of possessing small memory support players. Users can stop envying others and enjoy the entire movie on their own players. To bring more convenience to our users is our honor and we will continue to provide best service for them. So please pay more attention to 4Easysoft Studio.