6Connex Announces General Availability of Version 5.0 Virtual Experience Platform

Company: 6Connex
Published: 31 October, 2010
6Connex, the pioneer of virtual business solutions, today announced the general availability of the Virtual Experience Platform Version 5.0. The Virtual Experience Platform v5.0 enables multiple organizations within an enterprise to execute virtual business solutions that increase productivity and maximize ROI by creating synergies through the aggregation of high-value, relevant information distribution and sharing, plus collaboration amongst employees, customers and partners.


* Version 5.0 offers the ability to provide additional business solutions to support the needs across all cross-functional organizations. 6Connex customers will be able to launch new virtual business solutions as often as the business demands, whenever the business demands worldwide through the use of previously approved templates or completely customized graphics that customers can create and upload themselves.
* Version 5.0 provides not only more actionable business intelligence for each virtual solution created, but also centralized visibility and access across all virtual business solutions hosted throughout an enterprise worldwide. Metrics reporting includes additional reports that provide a deeper level of customer insight.
* Version 5.0 includes a new Social Collaboration Network that increases communication and collaboration amongst employees, customers and partners. Attendee profile data is captured across all virtual business solutions an individual participates in, giving virtual experience owners a higher level of intelligence and profiling data to be shared and leveraged amongst different constituents. Further, attendees of all types can message and chat via both video and text, whether they are currently in a given virtual experience or not.
* Finally, the immersive and engaging 6Connex virtual experience interface has been improved to create an even more intuitive navigational experience for users. For individuals building out a virtual business solution, Version 5.0 offers complete flexibility in what elements and design a virtual environment has, and what functionality is included. From small training seminars to enterprise-wide change-management campaigns, the 6Connex Virtual Experience Platform meets the needs of today's enterprise.

Industry-leading Fortune 100 companies to adopt the latest Version 5.0 of the Virtual Experience Platform include Autodesk, AT&T, Cisco, GE, HP and Nielsen Exposition.

"Version 5.0 of the Virtual Experience Platform starts to transform how enterprises leverage the advantages of innovative virtual technology," said Leon Papkoff, CTO of 6Connex. "With the release of our new Virtual Experience Platform, businesses no longer have to limit themselves to using our Platform solely for expos and events. This release of the Platform is about connecting people with each other and with relevant content to increase business productivity in the form of different solutions required by enterprises."