99bytes Launched Version 1.5 of Video to iPod/PSP Converter

Company: 99bytes
Published: 07 December, 2008
The arrival of the new Video to iPod / PSP Converter from 99bytes has been long expected since the last version of the program, where movies or any kind of video files were converted in an unwavering manner.

As expected from an all-you-can-wish-for video converter for iPod or PSP, the basic problems regarding compatibility issues have been overall taken care off; the whole point of the iPod converter is that it saves the time of first transforming video files into supportable MP4 format and then converting them to your iPod or PSP, this one does the job for you directly. It supports most of input formats, such as: AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, ASF, while this new version has an improved compatibility with MPEG movies. Regional formats are not a problem, may it be PAL or NTSC the Video to iPod/PSP Converter claims to globally convert anything in sight.

The key feature of the latest release within the iPod / PSP converter would be the addition of batch conversion which implies an elaborate conversion of multiple video files. Essentially, there is an unattended conversion of several video clips one after another, that is the user creates a list with the videos to be converted and the program processes them automatically. After that, the iPod or PSP is locked and loaded for hours of fun entertainment.

The feature that sets the Video to iPod / PSP converter apart from other programs of its type would be the double compatibility function which is a result of the built-in options of converting either to iPod format or PSP, the latter implying the conversion into double compatible formats: both for PSP and iPod. Since Sony or Apple, the creators of these media tools, do not show any likelihood of coming up themselves with such a converting software, the program appears to be the exactly the right one at the right moment.

Among other advantages for an iPod or PSP converter, an interesting new one would be the so called cropping slider which is a tool used to manually select certain parts of the movies that are to be converted. By selecting only some favorite parts of the movies for conversion and dropping the rest, storage space and conversion time are saved.

In the trial version available at the 99bytes website the software can be tested up to 5 free conversions, in which the program can show off all these traits. Speaking of showing off, the software enables the user to preview videos and modify them through a series of normal-screen and wide-screen options such as selecting target resolution, de-interlacing the video or configuring quality vs. size.

Although the Video to iPod / PSP converter runs on most types of Windows, like XP, Millenium, NT, Vista, 2000, 2003 or 98 and it benefits from included how-to's and guidelines, the creators have improved the problem reporting mechanism, so that if there are any problems with the software, the users can report them immediately. Among other improved options are a better range slider selection behavior or just a better overall experience with the program through a simplified interface which provides easy steps for conversions.