Aha-Soft Releases an Icon Editor With Aqua Effect

Company: Aha-Soft.
Published: 18 August, 2009
Aha-Soft adds Aqua effect to its most famous icon editing tool - IconLover 5. The updated software offers Windows users the ability to create and modify icons and cursors. Newly added Aqua and Drop Shadow effects make it possible to create stylish icons in just a few clicks. Additional changes include Windows 7 compatibility and a new wizard to replace icons in DLL, EXE, and Macromedia Flash animation files.

IconLover 5 is an update of a well-known product, created in 2002 Aha-Soft's icon editor. Allowing Windows developers and Web designers to create and edit icons without having to pay tremendous fees for graphic suites, IconLover 5 boosts numerous features not even available in its bulkier counterparts. Newly added Drop Shadow and Aqua effects allow even a novice user to create realistic 3D glass icons complete with reflections and shadows. Numerous settings and parameters guarantee precise control of the icon's dimensions, making it possible to create flat, lens-shaped, or spherical looking icons.

It is also worth mentioning that IconLover 5 became one of the first Windows 7 compatible icon editors, adding it to the already impressive list of supported operating systems. The new icon replacement wizard has the ability to replace icons located in executable files, DLLs, and Macromedia Flash flicks in just a few easy steps. IconLover 5 makes it simple to automatically produce a variety of icons out of just one image or combine multiple images into a single icon file. Normal, disabled, and hot-tracked versions of an icon are easily created using special features of the software.

Supporting graphics of any arbitrary dimensions, IconLover 5 is a perfect tool for managing small graphics. IconLover 5 is able to process 16 and 256-color icons as well as True Color images with alpha channel, which means, that icons for newest and oldest versions of Windows can be created. It's even possible to create 512x512 icons for Macintosh OS X Leopard and iPhone.