AirWatch's Secure Email Gateway Provides Increased Security and Control of Corporate Email

Company: AirWatch
Published: 20 June, 2011
ATLANTA -- AirWatch, a global leader in enterprise-grade smartphone security and mobile device management (MDM) software, today announced its Secure Email Gateway (Secure Gateway) offering is available to clients as part of its enterprise mobility solutions. Secure Gateway provides another layer of visibility and control on top of existing company email infrastructures to ensure email access is secure and compliant.

“IT will continue to be challenged with managing access, usage and security across multiple mobile devices within companies,” said John Marshall, CEO, AirWatch. “To address this need, AirWatch ensures each mobile device is secured from its initial registration until the device is retired from service. We also provide a central console to manage multiple devices over the air with a common set of policies, which creates consistent policy enforcement and auditing capabilities. Our Secure Gateway is a key component for companies’ overall mobile device security management and AirWatch has taken this offering to the next level through easy access control, a user-friendly dashboard and flexible rules engine. ”

Through Secure Gateway, companies can secure and manage their corporate email infrastructure by defining the business logic for connectivity. IT can allow or block both selected mobile users and approved devices and classes as well as create rule sets that require users to access mail using only approved Webmail clients and services.

Once a device enrolls with AirWatch, IT can view real-time data about the device and monitor interactions with the email server from the Secure Gateway dashboard. Real-time and advanced data available in the dashboard includes information such as mobile user accounts, device serial numbers and OS version, device type and address, sync attempt dates and times, ActiveSync commands and the amount of traffic to and from the device.

A flexible rules engine, defined by corporate policies, ensures data protection and encryption and only allows approved models and operating systems to access company email. Enterprises are further protected when AirWatch prevents compromised devices from accessing corporate email.

For traditional email infrastructures, IT can deploy AirWatch’s Secure Gateway as an in-line proxy server or an on-mail server module. AirWatch supports Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows 7 and Symbian and other devices. AirWatch also provides content-filtering and data roaming policies and allows selective wiping of business data, leaving personal data intact for employee-owned devices.

“AirWatch remains dedicated to enterprise mobile security,” concluded Marshall. “We not only provide companies with an easy way to deploy, secure and manage mobile devices, but we also give them the right tools to address and build their mobile strategy using high-level security management capabilities.”

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