AIVtech Launches New Video-Conferencing Product

Company: AIVtech International Group Co.
Published: 30 October, 2010
AIVtech International Group Co., a provider of consumer electronics products in both domestic and international markets, today announced the launch of a new product: a video conferencing system called the Interactive Intelligent Panel.

After nearly one year of design and development, the development of the Interactive Intelligent Panel was completed in August 2010. This product was designed and developed to integrate a large touch screen and a small built-in computer. With AIVtech's effective and low-cost manufacturing, this product can meet the needs of corporate, government, media and health-care organizations to achieve timely, interactive communication and decision making.

This new product has several core functions, including: the integration of a large, high-definition display and touch screen, intuitive on-screen handwriting recognition, rapid large-scale image processing, remote multi-party data sharing, and user-friendly operation. It can be widely used in education, training centers, conference rooms, exhibition halls and a wide variety of demonstration sites. The system also operates closely with fire, police, military and other services' emergency commands and can be deployed remotely. The Interactive Intelligent Panel provides a complete, personalized solution for specific industries and business needs through customized software and hardware.

"We launched the Interactive Intelligent Panel in August 2010 and expect it to contribute a sizable portion of our revenues in future years," said JinLin Guo, AIVtech's Chairman and CEO. "In entering this new product area, we are confident that we can rapidly gain market share versus existing suppliers and establish relationships with both domestic and international customers in order to achieve our aggressive performance and financial goals."