Altep, Inc. Releases New Technology to Address Document Tagging Consistency

Company: Altep, Inc.
Published: 09 March, 2010
Altep, Inc., a leader in innovative litigation support, has released the latest version of Inspicio. The enhanced application now offers DupliTags, which can help make legal document review easier, more efficient and more consistent than ever before.

DupliTags reduce the time needed to review document collections by providing an automated means of tagging duplicate documents in a consistent manner. When a DupliTag is applied to a document, all exact duplicates of that document automatically receive the same tag.

"Review Managers and Counsel can be confident that documents are consistently tagged throughout the entire document set," said Altep's VP of Information Services, Judy Torres. "For example, the Review Manager could create a DupliTag called 'Potentially Privileged.' When a reviewer applies it to a document, Inspicio will automatically apply it to all of that document's duplicates. After the first-pass review, the Manager can simply search for documents tagged 'Potentially Privileged,' and then assign them as a To Do List to the second level team. This saves the Manager countless hours of post-review analysis, and removes any doubt that a duplicate instance of a potentially privileged document might have been overlooked."

Inspicio is one of the most innovative document review platforms on the market today. Created by Altep's own Research and Development team, the software reflects the forward-thinking perspective of the firm's expert data management and technology groups, plus more than three years' input from document reviewers, attorneys and review project managers at firms across the nation.