Ameri-CAD Releases VisionREZ Version 7

Company: Ameri-CAD, Inc.
Published: 19 May, 2009
Ameri-CAD, Inc. An ITW Company, has announced their new features for the release of VisionREZ Version 7. Powered by Autodesk Technology, VisionREZ creates a Building Information Model (BIM) for efficient development of 3D Models, 2D Construction Documents, Framing, Graphic Renderings and Bill of Materials (BOM) deliverables. VisionREZ Version 7 provides even more power and value to the residential industry with over thirty-five new features and enhancements.

Bridging the Gap between the architectural and manufacturing industries is a groundbreaking industry solution for this new release. "Increasing economic pressures place greater value on the benefits of manufactured solutions in the residential and light commercial construction industries. Capitalizing on the power of the AutoCAD platform, ITW is bringing Digital Fabrication for the light frame wood market to the Autodesk design environment. Users can now export a VisionREZ architectural model to ITW BCG manufacturing solutions (Intellibuild, View, hsbCAD) for Structural modeling of wall panels and trusses. The manufacturing-ready structural data can then be imported back into the original VisionREZ architectural DWG file. This is significant because it generates greater economies by eliminating the need for redraw by the manufacturing community and reduces errors by coordinating all build data into a master file," said Jay Moore, Business Development Manager for Ameri-CAD, Inc. - An ITW Company.


* Compatibility with Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2010/2009 and AutoCAD MEP 2010/2009 platforms

* Phase I - Options Creation and Management allows the user to define specific Option Sets to which users can assign objects. These options can then be toggled to what is desired. The user can place rule constraints on what other choices could be available with another option

* Architectural Link to ITW BCG Manufacturing solutions

* Roof Subtractive Modifier allows the user to remove an area from the roof for easier roof manipulation and design without modifying the vertices

* Roof Clip and Trim allows the user to clip and trim two roofs that interfere with one another at their intersection to combine two separate roofs and let the system determine the proper intersection lines

* Roof Creation from Walls enables faster roof design and development by allowing the user to simply select walls to generate a VisionREZ Roof

* Ribbon Interface is smarter and more contemporary to increase rapid access to tools

* 64-Bit OS Compatibility in addition to 32-bit compatibility

* Enhanced functionality to over twenty existing solutions