American Auto-Matrix(R) Releases the Highly Anticipated Aspect Product Family v1.03

Company: American Auto-Matrix
Published: 24 February, 2010
American Auto-Matrix announces the release of v1.03 of their Aspect Product Family. This release adds many new features and functions to one of the most groundbreaking and cost effective area control and integration solutions in the industry today. In this version, users now have the ability to communicate with American Auto-Matrix Legacy Control Solutions such as the SageMAX IPX v1.9; use of a fully interactive and printable Online Help System; dial in modem support; and the ability to interface with a building through Twitter.

This release introduces the SDP/IP Client Driver Interface, providing the ability to interface with devices connected to SageMAX IPX v1.9 Area Controllers. This helps create cost efficiency for the customer site by reducing engineering time. This driver is designed for the AspectFT Server targets (Facility Server & Enterprise variants) and will also communicate with AAM legacy equipment introduced over 20 years ago, such as the AI2100 Building Brain. Another new addition is the new Online Help System. As new information is available users can update their Online Help System directly from the American Auto-Matrix Toolbox. In addition, video help files have been added as well as the ability to print the Help System by chapters. There is now dial in modem support for sites that are not IP enabled or require a separate non-IP network for building control interaction. A new set of security-based UI Elements are available from the Design Palette, these are designed to provide audit trail and enhanced security protection. The Servlet capabilities have been enhanced to perform read/write transactions to data within AspectFT, providing advanced users the ability to communicate with the system without having to write special drivers. A new remote logging capability has been added to give sites the ability to allow multiple AspectFT targets to log their system data back to a single master target. Lastly, you can interface with your building through Twitter, meaning receiving data as well as manipulating data can now be accomplished through a single tweet. The new Tweet blocks allow AspectFT devices to post and read Tweet information from the popular social networking site Twitter.