Assimilate Technology Launches .NET-based FIX Protocol Testing Product

Company: Assimilate Technology Inc.
Published: 20 July, 2009
Assimilate Technology Inc. announced today the launch of their Visual FIX product, a full-featured integrated development environment for testing, verifying, and validating FIX Protocol applications. The .NET-based product is designed to help software development, QA, and connectivity teams increase their efficiency and reduce time to market in the development, testing, and support of electronic trading systems.

The Visual FIX system's user-friendly, component-oriented visual interface delivers an unprecedented degree of flexibility in the development of FIX Protocol testing scenarios. The system's visual workflow editor allows users to mix and match components to build sophisticated message processing workflows, while its dynamic code import facility allows firms to seamlessly integrate their own proprietary .NET components directly into the system's visual environment.

"We designed the Visual FIX system to be the Swiss Army Knife of FIX testing," said CEO Russ Curry. "We recognize that many firms have proprietary needs that simply can't be accommodated by a closed system, so we designed Visual FIX around the concept of making it as easy as possible for customers to integrate their own .NET components into the system."

The Visual FIX system also includes Assimilate Technology's Foundation Components package, a suite of user-friendly visual components that simplify common FIX testing activities such as scenario development, log-based regression testing, and FIX message validation. API documentation and sample code is also provided to assist developers in rapidly creating their own .NET components for the system.