Astral Media Inc. Launches New Audio Branding Platform That Speaks to the Media Company's Diverse Audiences

Company: Astral Media Inc.
Published: 26 February, 2009
Astral Media Inc. will release a new audio branding platform today that reflects the various audience segments in the media conglomerate's diverse broadcast network. Inspired by the company's commitment to serve highly targeted audiences in television, radio, outdoor and interactive media; Astral commissioned Musikvergnuegen, an award-winning and innovative sound design studio, to create 11 variations of the company's core 4-note audio sign-off. This venture in branding, through engineered sound, is a significant achievement, not only for Astral Media, but for all media enterprises looking for a way to balance effective corporate branding while still managing to reach individual markets with customized messages.

"We are taking the art and science of audio branding to a new level by achieving a true intimacy with our audiences, which we expect will deliver a greater return on marketing investment for the master brand," explains Alain Bergeron, Astral Media Inc. Vice President of Brand Management & Corporate Communications. "The more our message and brand identity can be customized within our community of unique consumers, the more effective we should be in captivating and building a loyalty within our diverse audiences."

Astral Media launched its first audio branding message in 2007 to provide its corporate identity with a friendly, engaging human expression of the company's brand character. The goal of this extension of the audio branding initiative is to continue creating value for the brand by building a multi-layered platform that is easily identifiable by a vast consumer base, and delivering this experience in less than five seconds. With Astral Media's landscape of properties continuing to expand and diversify, including the recent re-branding of four radio stations in association with Virgin Media, the company has decided the most efficient way to communicate with and engage its multi-faceted audience is to speak to each segment in a manner that shows appreciation for the individual personalities, while still managing to deliver the same overall brand identity and message.

"Astral Media is moving boldly to expand the discipline of audio branding to personalize its brand character with the most diversified audience possible," says Walter Werzowa, composer/sound designer and owner of Musikvergnuegen. "As far as we are aware, no media company has allowed for such specific, targeted audio branding across their diverse outlets; a mnemonic is the best vehicle to achieve this task."