ATTUS Technologies Introduces WatchDOG(R) WinPro

Company: ATTUS Technologies, Inc.
Published: 21 June, 2009
ATTUS Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in OFAC and USA PATRIOT Act compliance solutions, introduces, WatchDOG(R) WinPro. This desktop edition of ATTUS' WatchDOG(R) Pro features the same advanced functionality as our market leading web-based product for simultaneously cross checking multiple watch lists.

WatchDOG(R) WinPro will empower businesses to quickly and easily compare their customer lists against multiple watch lists from the U.S., including OFAC's SDN list, as well as lists from the EU, Asia and other countries. WinPro is equipped with WatchDOG(R) Pro's signature, advanced name search algorithm and sophisticated matching and disqualification techniques, all of which ensure more accurate results and fewer false positives. In addition, it produces detailed reports indicating the date, customers' names and the outcome of searches which provide an audit trail of all activity.

This desktop compliance product also enables businesses to create "good" and "blocked" customer lists from their search results to reduce the effort needed on future searches. Financial institutions involved in international ACH transactions (IATs) will also benefit from the ability to scan their IATs against OFAC and other watch lists in preparation for new federal IAT rules that go into effect on September 18, 2009.

"Every business is unique and the choice between a web-based or desktop solution depends on the business' individual needs and preferences," said Tom Fedell, president and CEO of ATTUS. "No matter what their access preference, we wanted to make sure clients had the most comprehensive solution available to them for dealing with their OFAC, USA PATRIOT Act, FinCEN and other compliance requirements."

Since 1998, ATTUS has offered innovative solutions for helping clients meet their OFAC compliance, which requires that all U.S. businesses adhere to OFAC's restriction against doing business with sanctioned entities, individuals or countries.

"WatchDOG(R) WinPro is the natural evolution of our goal to provide clients with the most up-to-date and comprehensive compliance solutions that are cost effective, easy to use and on the platform that works for them," summed up Fedell.