Autonomy Unveils World's First Meaning Based Rich Media Management Solution

Company: Autonomy Corporation plc.
Published: 01 June, 2009
Autonomy Corporation plc , a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise today unveiled the world's first and only meaning-based rich media management solution, Virage MediaBin 7. This unique product is loaded with several enhancements designed to boost ease-of-use, efficiency and productivity. Virage MediaBin7 revolutionizes Rich Media Management by deriving an understanding of audio, video and images and eliminating costly and inefficient manual tagging thus enabling organizations to automate rich media management like never before and drive genuine ROI. Its industry-leading transformation engine boasts granular control of rich media assets, empowering organizations to maximize the value of their audio, video and graphic content for re-use and repurposing, accelerate time to market, help ensure compliance, and improve communications across all channels on the fly. Media professionals, content creators, marketers, brand managers and graphics teams can now benefit from secure access to all digital media files to drive incremental value as they self-service their rich media requirements.

"Legacy solutions fall short when faced with the task of managing the continuous proliferation of unstructured information and rich media," said Mukul Krishna, Global Director, Digital Media Practice, at Frost & Sullivan. "Organizations across verticals need a more intelligent process for managing and delivering content to internal and external stakeholders such as employees, partners, customers and broadcast audiences. Barely a handful of vendors today provide intelligent management solutions and Autonomy's 'content in context' approach offers a very compelling solution for businesses looking to capitalize on their rich media assets. The company's platform is comprehensive and differentiated by its ability to understand the meaning of information - spanning all manner of digital assets including video. It provides marketers, media professionals, brand managers, and advertisers with a powerful, easy-to-use solution to create more engaging customer and brand experiences."

By deriving meaning from rich media files, Autonomy's Deep Video Indexing technology delves deep within the video file rather than relying on human-defined metatags, extracting a highly detailed set of meta-data which is automatically created during the ingest process. Users benefit from instant, self-service access to a full-featured central library of current, approved digital content. Media professionals and marketers can search rich media files to find relevant content with pinpoint accuracy benefiting from next-generation features such as full transcripts of audio streams, On-screen Character Recognition (OCR), keyframes, facial recognition and speaker identification.

"Rich media is an essential, high-impact and strategic form of business information that needs to be leveraged for maximum commercial value including brand optimisation, entertainment, social networking, and compliance purposes," said Marc Geall, CEO of Autonomy Virage. "With this release of Virage MediaBin 7, Autonomy reaffirms its commitment to the Rich Media Management market. From the intense video requirements of broadcast networks to the wide range of format support required by corporate marketing organizations, Autonomy Virage provides the most comprehensive and advanced set of solutions to meet and exceed even the most discerning expectations."