AV Voice Changer Software New Version 7.0 Release in Time for April Fool's Day

Company: AVnex Ltd.
Published: 28 March, 2009
In general, this new version of AVnex's voice changing product line contains innovations in comparison to the previous versions. It has been upgraded with two working modes, each of which can be used in one of two methods for audio processing: Hooking, and the Virtual Audio Driver. Users can easily switch between the two working modes and/or the processing methods.

With the new improvements, the software offers its users much more flexibility and control over its operation. Users can choose to fully employ all the features of the tool at the same time, or use fewer features, resulting in less resource consumption for special purposes such as changing voice characteristics in real-time in online Games.

The two audio processing methods allow users to set the tool to focus on working with a specific device, or an application, or on the other hand, the user can morph any audio stream that appears in the computer. Each of these methods has its own benefits. The former may be most suitable for basic purposes like changing voice for voice chat, and the later is more suitable for changing audio in general, as in voice dubbing or song morphing.

This new version of the AV Voice Changer Software line also has a bigger library of built-in audio effects, more flexibility in dealing with changing voice pitch and timbre, and now easily creates, saves and recalls user-made voice changing settings. Additionally, it includes the ability to turn normal human voices into the sound of animals, known as 'non-human voice effects.' Users can also set hotkeys for their frequently used features such as nickvoices, Voice Morpher graph, parodies, etc.