Best Cloud CRM Software Awards Issued for October 2016 by 10 Best CRM

Company: 10 Best CRM
Published: 19 October, 2016
LOS ANGELES, Calif. - October 17, 2016 -- 10 Best CRM is pleased to present a new awards category: Best Cloud CRM Software. For October 2016, the awards organization has named OroCRM as the winning contender in this category.

Cloud-based customer relations management software is one of the most important tools of the 21st century, and it will continue to be vital as the digital landscape continues to expand in the wake of new technology. Customer relations management, or CRM, is typically handled by software in the modern world, and the most advanced versions use cloud computing to handle the tasks from a single location. Any sales-based business that needs to keep track of leads, new potential customers, and existing customers should take advantage of the wonders of cloud-based CRM, and 10 Best CRM is poised to help businesses find the best service providers in the industry.

10 Best CRM uses proprietary comparison techniques in order to rank the 10 best cloud CRM software each month, and they will continue to update their list at the start of every month. They understand how valuable CRM software can be to a business, so they want to keep the industry up to date on the best firms for such services. For October of 2016, the winners have already been announced, and the top three are presented below.

OroCRM is the top cloud CRM application for October 2016, according to 10 Best CRM. OroCRM is undoubtedly one of the leading solutions for improving customer happiness and retention. The software includes an array of tools that help streamline every aspect of the sales process, and it can function in multi-channel locales. The user interface even takes advantage of gamification techniques to make the software more engaging.

Bullhorn is second on the list of leading cloud CRM applications for the month of October. The software was designed by a firm out of Boston, and it is intended to help build and strengthen relationships with customers. The software even includes analytical processes that determine if the current business model is actually the most profitable.

Top cloud CRM software Nutshell CRM was created by a firm in Michigan. It is meant to help growing businesses, including small businesses, reach new levels of success. The software seeks to engage customers in a way that is both friendly and intelligent. The user interface is incredibly intuitive, so there are no long training periods.