BIA Announces Release of Solis(TM) Integrated ESI Management and E-Discovery Platform

Company: Business Intelligence Associates, Inc.
Published: 30 January, 2010
Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA), today announces the long-anticipated release of its enterprise legal software product, Solis, which is a complete in-house solution providing a defensible and automated system for legal hold, data collections, and early case assessment. Solis helps organizations legal departments, compliance, records management, and IT to seamlessly and cost-effectively complete several critical steps of the EDRM and provides a secure method for transferring data while maintaining full content and metadata integrity and chain-of-custody.

Driven by BIA client requests to create a defensible and cost-effective solution, Solis meets those demands by leveraging BIA's mature and industry-accepted data collection and data processing technologies, known by the BIA brands DiscoveryBOT Remote Data Collection Solution and the TotalDiscovery Grid Processing System.

Solis was designed as a legal data strategy platform that ensures compliance with rules of evidence and other important data regulations. Requirements to retain and preserve data and the need to analyze data effectively are just two of the many benefits that Solis provides.

The implementation of Solis to manage the data and process for litigation and regulatory matters within the organization, along with BIA's mature e-discovery services for any data to be transferred to subsequent phases of discovery, places BIA in the unique position of offering a truly complete EDRM solution.

BIA's Solis in-house software product can also be used for records management, compliance, FOIA, internal investigations, and other secure data management functions. Solis is the first in a line of integrated solutions addressing Legal Technology, Compliance, and Secure Data Management and Transfer needs. BIA has used the proven technology in Solis for nearly ten years to provide data management and e-discovery services to corporations, law firms, and government agencies.

The Solis Platform provides an unparalleled opportunity to take control of the legal data management process, significantly reducing e-discovery, litigation and compliance costs. Solis presents a remarkable return on investment that pays for itself many times over very quickly. Contact BIA today to schedule a demonstration of the Solis enterprise software.