BlueBackUp Goes Virtual and Launches its Complete Backup Solution for ESX Environments

Company: BlueBackUp
Published: 09 June, 2009
As is customary when launching its new restore tools, BlueBackUp, a subsidiary of Oodrive Technologies, is enriching its focus on big company needs by offering an outsourced backup solution for virtual VMware ESX environments.

Virtualisation will still be a major IT trend in 2009. Indeed, no further demonstration is needed of its advantages: savings in relation to machines, storage areas, electricity consumption, air conditioning....

However, a virtualised environment, in a large majority of cases, complicates the data backup processes. Indeed, although virtualisation makes it simpler to restore a full server thanks to the snapshotting of each virtual machine, it does not enable file by file recovery (in that case, the entire machine containing the files has to be restored).

Thanks to its VMware ESX plug-in coupled with "Delta Block" technology, BlueBackUp is today proposing a complete protection solution for VMware environments. This offers hot backup possibilities in respect of critical applications (databases, etc.) and restoring an entire machine as well as a single file.

Main Features of the BlueBackUp Solution for Virtualised Environments:

- Complete protection of the ESX environment: backup of the ESX server and all its virtual machines in their entirety - applications, set-ups, and so on and so forth.

- Hot backup of virtual machines: applications no longer have to be stopped in order to start the backup. So there's no activity slowdown.

- Restore granularity: possibility of restoring a virtual machine in its entirety (OS, settings,...) or individual files (Exchange database, SQL,...).

- Delta Block technology: only the blocks within the files that have been altered since the last backup are sent in an encrypted and compressed format, which seriously limits the bandwidth requirements.

- Automatic delocalisation of the backups (and images) to BlueBackUp's external storage servers. Advantages for Companies Working with VMware:

- Fewer risks of data loss, thanks to the automatic delocalisation of their virtual machines to top-security data centres.

- Less down time following a data loss, thanks to the restore procedures' granularity.

- Fewer resources used for backup tasks, thanks to the Delta Block technology, which prevents any deceleration of virtual environment performance.

With this protection solution for ESX virtual servers, combined with its exclusive restore tools, BlueBackUp is reinforcing its determination to focus on big company needs and is clearly positioned as the specialist in terms of complex environmental backup.