Cellit Launches New and Improved Mobile Marketing Platform, Cellit Studio 3

Company: Cellit, LLC
Published: 19 July, 2010
Cellit, a leading provider of mobile marketing solutions, today released its largest overhaul of their core Cellit Studio platform, Cellit Studio 3. Highlighted by a completely redesigned graphic interface, Cellit Studio 3 features new message management and organization options, more complex rules to better segment and target users, and advanced reporting options that significantly improve the user experience.

"This is the most comprehensive redesign of our platform and user interface since its initial release five years ago. The new features are the product of months of dialogue with our customers and partners about their needs and suggestions, as well as some fantastic internally developed ideas," stated David Wachs, President of Cellit.

The new message management and organization options allow users to organize messages into content categories or by campaign, enabling power users to quickly find and adjust specific campaigns within their program. The new feature is core to the platform's access control functionality, allowing robust permissioning and control to multi-user Cellit Studio accounts.

Enhancements to the already robust scheduler function improves campaign planning by allowing users to schedule specific dates and times for common campaign tasks, including changing auto-replies at specific times and sending reporting emails to administrators. Cellit's reporting engine has now been augmented with dynamic maps that allow users to see key activity such as subscriber growth, unsubscribes and keyword popularity aggregated by state and area code.

Cellit's rules-based campaign launcher has also received upgrades. New rules allow logical groupings, termed "ANDs" and "ORs" by Cellit, which allow unlimited possibilities on targeting and segmenting.

"Cellit Studio has long been the most flexible mobile marketing campaign manager available," continued Wachs. "The new additions to the platform enable Cellit to continue maintaining a dominant lead in the space and allow our clients to implement groundbreaking platforms with ease. We are excited to provide all of our Cellit Studio clients access to these advanced new features at no additional charge."