City of Bellevue Launches Scope 5 Sustainability Performance Dashboard

Company: Scope 5
Published: 14 March, 2013
SEATTLE --- Scope 5, an innovator in cloud-based sustainability services that simplify complex data tracking to make insights more actionable, today announced that the City of Bellevue, a client supported with business partner Cascadia Consulting Group, launched the Scope 5 sustainability dashboard, offering a new level of public transparency around its environmental impact. Today visitors to the online dashboard can see how the City of Bellevue is performing against key environmental indicators such as fleet emissions, facilities and other operations. A City of Bellevue news release provides more details.

City of Bellevue Mayor Conrad Lee stated, “The dashboard is a win, win, win for Bellevue, it leverages the Eastside’s technology expertise, supports local business and improves the economic and environmental performance of city operations.”

Scope 5 partner Cascadia Consulting Group develops and implements innovative resource conservation and sustainability solutions for public and private sector clients. Cascadia worked collaboratively with Bellevue staff to efficiently gather data and optimize the Scope 5 sustainability dashboard. According to Cascadia Consulting Group President Marc Daudon, “Scope 5 offers one of the best sustainability reporting tools we’ve seen on the market and with their dashboard, Bellevue is setting a new standard for transparency by giving employees and residents access to real-time information about progress towards sustainability goals.”

Scope 5 co-founder and CEO Yoram Bernet conferred, “The City of Bellevue is a clear Washington State frontrunner in terms of sustainability reporting and transparency, providing an excellent pathway for other organizations to follow.” Bernet added, “We’re thankful to the groundwork the Cascadia Consulting Group provided and look forward to supporting The City as they turn their sustainability insights into action and transform their operations.” The City of Bellevue data, coupled with the public dashboard communication platform, will help project managers at the City more effectively quantify cost savings, forecast project payback periods, and even set targets for City performance and track progress real-time.

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