CMS Products Announces Release of the IT Industry's First Instant Server Recovery Software

Company: CMS Products, Inc.
Published: 13 February, 2010
CMS Products, Inc., an award-winning developer of data security, backup, disaster recovery and content management technologies, today announced that it has released its new BounceBack Server instant recovery software.

CMS Products is the developer of the BounceBack family of system backup and "Instant PC Recovery" products which allow a user to restart a crashed PC or Windows-based server directly from a mirrored copy of the system contained on an external USB or eSATA hard disk.

"Instant Server Recovery"

Developed to provide business owners with a business continuation tool and to protect the invaluable business data of small-to-medium business (SMB) users, BounceBack Server creates a mirror image of a server onto an external USB/eSATA hard drive. The complete mirror image includes the Windows server operating system, applications, data and all user settings. Should a server fail or become inoperable, BounceBack Server allows users to restart in "Instant Server Recovery" mode directly from the attached USB/eSATA hard drive. By simply rebooting their system from the external hard drive, users can instantly resume operations with access to applications, data and settings without further interruption to their business.

BounceBack Server takes you one step further! When it becomes convenient to restore to the internal server hard drive, BounceBack Server provides its unique Two-Click Restore feature which will seamlessly and completely restore the server from its mirrored image on the external USB/eSATA hard drive.

"We believe that BounceBack Server is the first product which provides the opportunity for business continuity support in a small and medium size business environment. Small businesses depend on their computer operations to make their businesses successful, running everything from accounting records to point-of-sale transactions," said Gary Streuter, vice president of marketing for CMS Products. "There are many SMBs operating without the benefit of automatic server recovery and when a server fails, it can have a devastating effect on that small business. To that end, we have created a product that can save a small business owner from disaster should a computing failure occur."

A feature-filled new edition to the BounceBack family of award-winning products, BounceBack Server includes CMS' patented "QuickRestore" folder and file recovery system as well as Network backup, automatic unattended backup, versioning, and 256-bit AES encryption.