Compunetix Introduces STix Video Client Application

Company: Compunetix, Inc.
Published: 05 June, 2010
Compunetix, Inc., announced a new video client application called STix. STix (Soft Terminal by Compunetix) is a stand-alone H.323 compliant video application for the desktop. Available initially on Microsoft Windows-based platforms, STix is intended to enable anyone with a PC to participate in a video conference from their workspace without the need to schedule the resources of a room system.

"More and more people are accepting video conferencing as a preferred means for communication. In a voice-only conversation, when a business person wants to make a call, they use their office phone or mobile phone rather than move to a conference room. The same should happen for a video call," stated Jim Klueber, the Division Manager for the Compunetix Video Systems Division.

Using STix, the desktop user can participate in a high quality video call from the convenience of their workspace. Also, they can conduct text chat sessions, share files, draw on a whiteboard, and present slideshows through the same application. Unlike other popular desktop video applications, STix is completely standards-based, allowing one to conference with a wide variety of room and group video conferencing terminals from other vendors. Furthermore, when connected to the Compunetix EVERGREEN family of MCUs, the STix user can manage their own participation in a multipoint conference.

Dr. Giorgio Coraluppi, Compunetix President and CEO, commented, "STix will further accelerate the explosion in popularity of videoconferencing. We see STix as a perfect complement to the massively scalable architecture of our EVERGREEN family of MCUs."