Connected World Magazine Defines M2M and Connected Devices

Company: Connected World Magazine
Published: 15 June, 2011
CAROL STREAM, Ill.--- Connected World has officially defined the market for M2M and connected devices. The industry-leading publication is set to release new definitions for the market as a part of its new report, “The Coming Age of M2M and Connected Devices.”

The report was released today, in correlation with the opening keynote session at the 2011 Connected World Conference. These definitions, along with the key findings of the report, will make great strides in uniting an industry that has been fast growing and innovative, but has lacked a definitive focus.

In response to Connected World revealing its definitions for M2M and connected devices, Kevin Johnson, director of embedded connected devices at Intel, said during the keynote presentation at the 2011 Connected World Conference, “When you look at the industry, definitions and taxonomy are important for collaboration. … I appreciate the work Connected World is doing in the space.”

M2M data connections are growing, and so too are the number of connected devices. In order to fully appreciate the total number of M2M connections that exist today, it is important to separate M2M data connections from connected devices.

M2M is becoming a well-known concept across many different verticals. Years ago, M2M wasn’t as widely known or embraced. Now that M2M is a recognizable term, it needs a consistent definition.

As defined by Connected World, “M2M connects people, devices, networks, and everyday objects while communicating and interpreting data that can be acted upon in a timely manner.”

“The M2M industry has grown so much during the last decade, and has become the definitive technology that has helped create new business models for enterprise and invent our experiences as consumers,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine. “As a result, this new report serves to define the various single- and multi-purpose products that are playing a critical role in the connected world.”

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