DesertMicro Releases New StreetManager Application for Map-Based Route Planning and Optimization

Company: DesertMicro
Published: 01 February, 2011
DesertMicro, the Florida-based provider of leading-edge software solutions for the waste, recycling and logistics industries, announced the new release of StreetManager, the innovative solution for vehicle routing analysis, service area analysis and on-the-fly commercial or residential route changes.

The new developments with StreetManager automate the route selection and driving instruction process by calculating the most efficient means of servicing a list of addresses and identifying the most appropriate truck to respond to a service request. StreetManager allows for drivers' productivity to be used efficiently and effectively to manage time and business, even during temporary driver shortages. This full-featured application determines the shortest route for trucks, taking many variables into account such as the time of day, one-way streets and stop sequence. StreetManager’s route optimizer can reroute and choose best service day while balancing truck capability and service time windows.

"StreetManager is the ideal analysis tool for fleet operators, dispatchers and management review," said Barry Grahek, CEO and president of DesertMicro. "This improved interface eases the overall delivery, service and immediate response operations for businesses."

StreetManager's visual mapping integrates directly into DesertMicro's flagship software, RouteManager, to improve service availability and service time planning.