Desiderata Releases Jaxcent (AJAX in Java) for the Internet

Published: 16 January, 2008
Jaxcent from Desiderata Software is a Java API for accessing and modifying the Document Object Model (DOM) of the browser.

Version 1 of Jaxcent worked entirely on the client side. While it explored some possibilities of doing AJAX-style operations in Java, it was best suited for intranets and special scenarios such as automated testing and automated browsing.

Version 2 of Jaxcent is an unrestricted Java API for doing full-fledged AJAX operations. It can be run on the open Internet instead of being restricted to intranets. The Java of Jaxcent now runs on the server side, and still gives the Java programmer full control over the client's DOM hierarchy. On the client side, all that is required is to add a single JavaScript include statement to existing HTML content and then the resulting page can communicate with Jaxcent on the server.

On the server side, Jaxcent works with standard Java servlet containers and provides classes that correspond to elements of the Document Object Model (DOM), and that can be instantiated to match HTML elements existing (or dynamically created) on the page. These classes provide methods for interacting with the HTML elements, and for receiving events originating from the HTML elements, all in Java. In addition to dynamic interactions with the HTML elements, Jaxcent also provides access to the session and application context, as well as entirely automatic session data management.

It is not necessary to rewrite existing applications to take advantage of Jaxcent. Using Jaxcent, as needed, one or more AJAX features can be added piecemeal to one or more pages without any need to modify the structure or specifics of the overall application.

For new web applications the entire framework can be built using Jaxcent, taking full advantage of its dynamic capabilities.

Jaxcent works with AJAX capable browsers, such as Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox. Jaxcent is written entirely in Java and JavaScript, and therefore is OS independent.

Jaxcent programmers do not need to work in JavaScript. Jaxcent will work with any existing JavaScript code, and it provides features to take advantage of JavaScript if desired, but primarily Jaxcent programming is all-Java and no-JavaScript programming.

Version 1 of Jaxcent will no longer be available. For those who need it for its non-AJAX features such as automated testing or automated browsing, Desiderata's EZ JCom product can be used. EZ JCom builds bridges between Java and COM, or Java and .NET. It can be used to automate - among other things - Internet Explorer from Java.