DVDFab DVD Copy Disables PathPlayer Automatically When It Has a Problem with Certain Old Discs

Company: Fengtao Software, Inc.
Published: 03 April, 2011
DVDFab DVD Copy was updated to version with a notable, but not sole, improvement -- PathPlayer will be disabled automatically when it has a problem with certain old discs.

PathPlayer is one of many homebrews of DVDFab, which works like a real DVD player, and follows every play path of a DVD, checking everything that you can access on a DVD player with a remote controller. When PathPlayer finishes its work, DVDFab can know all the content that a real DVD player will read. PathPlayer gives DVDFab the ability to copy DVD content only allowed to be played on a real DVD player. In this way, DVDFab will ignore unplayable content which may contain copy protection.

But not all DVD discs work with PathPlayer, particularly a few very old ones. Occasionally, they won't open with PathPlayer enabled. Since PathPlayer is always enabled in default, PathPlayer users, who have those certain old discs, may need to know when to enable PathPlayer, and when to disable it. It's really confusing and troublesome. Though maybe most DVDFab users will never meet this problem, we still think about it and give a solution in this version. From now on, DVD Copy knows perfectly the proper time to disable PathPlayer when it has a problem with certain old discs and will automatically do it for you. No worry any more.