DVDVideoSoft Releases a New Version of Free Image Convert and Resize 2.1

Company: DVDVideoSoft Limited
Published: 01 November, 2010
With increasing popularity of multimedia programs DVDVideoSoft never doubts to respond to users' needs and thus prepared a new release of Free Image Convert and Resize 2.1.

Free Image Convert and Resize is a compact yet powerful program for batch mode image processing. However, simple usage appears to be the main advantage of the program. It easily converts separate images as well as whole file folders containing images into different graphic formats, such as jpg, png, bmp, gif, tga. The latest version of the program also features export to pdf format.

At the same time format conversion does not limit functions of the program. Free Image Convert and Resize undertakes a bulk of work as nowadays any person needs to process plenty and plenty pictures from holidays, marriages and different leisure time activities. The program makes it easier and more entertaining as it also renames and reorders selected images as well as changes the size of the images in accordance with the parameters defined by the user.

Company's representative Aline Terny: "Development of Free Image Convert and Resize was predetermined by wishes of our users. And it is not any kind of news that we follow requests of our multiple users whose number is growing within every day. Everyday visits to our webpage now amount to 400000."