eInfochips Launches HD Codecs - H.264 AVC and H.264 SVC - for Digital Media Processors From Texas Instruments

Company: eInfochips Ltd.
Published: 29 March, 2009
eInfochips, Inc., a leading IP driven product development services company, has extended its offerings in the video domain by introducing two high definition (HD) video codecs targeted for the entire embedded video design market. The codecs, which run on Texas Instruments (TI) digital media processors based on DaVinci(TM) technology, support encode of live HD video up to 1080p and includes H.264 Base-Profile AVC (Advanced Video Codec) and H.264 SVC (Scalable Video Codec). These codecs will enable eInfochips to address the complete video continuum for complete spec-to-system development.

A live demo of the H.264 AVC in action will be available at eInfochips Booth#537 at the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley 2009.

"Our HD codecs combined with our porting and integration services are targeted to provide rapid time to market and lower development costs for our worldwide customers working on embedded video products and solutions," said Nirav Shah, eInfochips' Director of Marketing. "This is the 6th IP module we are launching for video processing systems, and we are well-placed to provide system development services to our customers in the video technology, multimedia streaming and security/surveillance domains."

"eInfochips has consistently provided TI-processor based solutions and related services to customers during the past five years. eInfochips is an Authorized Software Provider and has proven expertise in developing solutions based on our digital media processors," said Jacob Alamat, TI's digital media processors business manager. "With these codecs, eInfochips has extended their suite of offerings to complement their product development and systems integration services, providing a one-stop solution for our customers."

H.264 AVC HD codec

eInfochips' H.264 Advanced Video Codec enables video broadcast and streaming companies to bring to market high-quality video applications such as video servers, on-the-fly transcoding, video telephony and conferencing. eInfochips' H.264 AVC consists of Base Profile Encoder. The codec is highly optimized for the TMS320DM6467 digital media processor based on DaVinci technology and achieves up to full HD 1080p live encode on the DVPB-HD (Digital Video Processing Board - High Definition by eInfochips, development board based on DM6467).

H.264 SVC HD codec

H.264 SVC is an amendment of H.264 AVC approved by the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG) and International Standards Organization (ISO) MPEG. eInfochips' H.264 SVC caters to requirements of video conferencing and video surveillance applications by eliminating the need for transcoding to support multiple resolutions. With eInfochips' SVC encoder and decoder, all resolutions from QCIF to full-HD can be derived from a single video stream, thereby enabling companies to develop embedded systems at lower costs and faster time-to-market.