EveryScape Debuts UScapeit, a Free, Fun iPhone & iPad App for Creating & Sharing 3D Panoramas

Company: EveryScape
Published: 21 April, 2011
EveryScape, a pioneer in immersive advertising, today announced UScapeit, a free iOS mobile app which lets people capture multi-panoramic 3D experiences "scapes" using their device's video and share them via email or Facebook. UScapeit works with all video-enabled iOS devices including the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, the new iPod Touch and iPad 2.

Unlike other panoramic photography apps that capture a single panorama, UScapeit shoots groups of 360 degree panorama "scapes", creating fully immersive experiences of the locations captured. Now travelers can snap and share panoramas of vacation spots with family and friends, brides-to-be can capture and share scapes of potential party venues with their fiance or mother-in-law-to-be, house hunters can scape the many properties toured in one day for later review and comparison, and parents can share their kids' latest accomplishments. The possibilities for scaping and sharing are endless. Anyone viewing the scape via email, Facebook or on their iOS device can explore the 3D image as if they were there in-person.

UScapeit is developed by EveryScape, the market leader in interior panorama capture and distribution, whose technology is used to capture and distribute fully-navigable 3D experiences of high-end properties like Pebble Beach and The Breakers, as well as to promote local businesses on Microsoft's Bing local search engine. Now, with the launch of UScapeit, anyone with an iOS device with video capabilities can tap this same technology to scape their favorite destinations. Moving forward, the app will incorporate more of EveryScape's advanced features to help users create sophisticated and navigable scapes.

"UScapeit is like a time machine and teleportation device all rolled up into one free app," said Jim Schoonmaker, CEO of EveryScape. "For anyone who has ever thought 'I wish you could be here', UScapeit fills the void by capturing both the place and the experience in a way that is more compelling than a static photo and more interactive than video. Your friends will not only see the interesting places you go and the cool things you do but can also explore them as if they were right there with you."