Extreme Joomla Releases JForce CRM 2.0 Beta

Company: Extreme Joomla
Published: 25 January, 2009
Extreme Joomla has decided to release their new JForce 2.0 Beta RC1 as a free download to all registered users. The developers have written several new features for the popular Joomla CRM and wanted to give users a chance to see what they have been developing. A few features will not be integrated until the stable release of 2.0 in February, which will be available to all JForce subscribers. Registered users and subscribers with single components will need to upgrade their account in order to download the stable version when it is released. A special price offer is extended to all users who wish to purchase or upgrade, until the stable release in a few weeks.

Features include:

Project Management
Lead Management
File Management
Time Tracking
Calendar (RSS) Feeds
Custom Permissions/Access Levels
Email Notifications
Lead Weighting (new)
Lead Scheduling (new)
Private Messaging System (new)
Project Templates (new)
Multiple Payment Gateways (new)

Extreme Joomla plans to have several release candidates before the stable version. They are also are finalizing a roadmap for the remaining development so that users are aware of when updates and releases will be available.

Although the beta release is public, it is not ready or recommended for use in a production environment. Users who wish to download and test the new version on their own site are strongly urged to read the Quick Start Guide and Documentation found in the downloads area of the site upon registration.