FocusVision Expands Lower-Priced Videostreaming Service in Europe to Meet Growing Demand

Published: 23 January, 2008
FocusVision, the world's leading provider of video transmission, recording and analytical tools for market research, today announced the expansion of their lower-priced fixed-camera "VideoStreaming" solution in Europe. With this offering, FocusVision is able to deliver a choice of service at a lower price point, while reaffirming its commitment to providing clients with the industry's most reliable video transmission services.

"VideoStreaming" with a fixed camera view, is the economical solution for one-on-one interviews, managed remotely by FocusVision. This service expansion will assist FocusVision in meeting the growing demand in Europe for video transmitting one-on-one qualitative interviews. The service includes complete project coordination, technical support and viewing and analytical tools.

"Our clients are continuously under pressure to cut costs while improving results and research quality," said Dan Foreman, FocusVision's Managing Director, Europe and APAC. "By offering this level of service, organizations can affordably leverage the power of our technology to get closer to their customer." Foreman is optimistic about the potential of this service, commenting "We are expecting this service to transform the way people interact with research for 1-1 interviews."

Foreman expects FocusVision's "VideoStreaming Plus" service, which includes a moving camera and operator, to remain the preferred choice for full focus groups. With this feature, clients enjoy zoom and pan close-ups of respondents and displays. According to Foreman, this tracks interactions between the respondents and stimuli, capturing non-verbal cues.

"VideoStreaming" with a fixed camera view is now available in over 50 facilities in Europe, as well as over 225 facilities across the United States. By April 2008, all European facilities will offer this lower-priced service. All FocusVision-installed facilities worldwide currently offer the "VideoStreaming Plus" service.