Future Systems Solutions Launches Casper 6.0 Tech Edition Disk Backup and Upgrade Software

Company: Future Systems Solutions, Inc.
Published: 05 August, 2010
Future Systems Solutions, Inc. announces Casper 6.0 Tech Edition, a new version of its highly acclaimed hard disk upgrade and disk backup utility. Designed especially for computer technicians, system integrators, and IT department use, Casper 6.0 Tech Edition makes it easy to perform hard disk upgrades, managed backups, and sealed disk deployment. Casper 6.0 Tech Edition offers significant features and benefits for its users, such as:

* Fast, easy hard disk upgrades on desktop PCs and laptops.
* Creation of a complete, immediately-bootable backup replacement for a failed or corrupted hard disk.
* Simplified cloning of hard disks for deployment to new computer systems. When used in combination with Microsoft's Sysprep utility, hard disk images can be sealed and deployed via direct disk-to-disk cloning.

New features include:

* Enhanced for Microsoft Windows 7 -- provides enhanced support for all versions of Windows 7.

* SmartClone Plus -- enhanced SmartClone technology with speeds up to 50X faster than previous versions.

* Solid State Drive (SSD) and LDS Support -- increases the life expectancy and enhances the performance of solid state and long data sector drives.

* USB Boot Capability -- creates a fully bootable copy of a Windows system drive that can boot and run directly from an external USB drive. (Requires a computer with BIOS support for booting from USB hard disk type devices)

* SmartAlert Notifications -- notifies you automatically via email when a copy has been completed.

* And more…

"Casper 6.0 Tech Edition continues our dedication to providing users with a dependable, leading-edge hard disk upgrade, managed deployment, and disk backup solution. New features such as full support for Windows 7, solid state and long data sector drives, as well as new SmartClone Plus technology, SmartAlert notifications, runtime controls, and advanced power management help maintain Casper Tech Edition's position as the solution of choice for IT Professionals requiring a powerful, convenient, and easy-to-use tool for upgrading, managing, or backing up hard disks," said a company spokesman.