Ghostwriter Notes 3.0 for iPad Puts an End to Note-Taking Nightmares

Company: Majorspot Inc.
Published: 31 January, 2011
Announcing that Majorspot, the developer of Ghostwriter Notes, has released the latest update for iPad users. Ghostwriter Notes 3.0 is an easy-to-use application that is perfect for note taking, whether the user is in the boardroom, classroom, or wherever the need for note taking arises. Its efficient design combines the familiarity of old-school paper-and-pen function with the environmentally friendly concept of paperless communication in one user-friendly iPad application. Users will welcome its efficiency and convenience for their note-taking needs.

Ghostwriter Notes 3.0 offers users the flexibility of creating notes, lists, or simply jotting down thoughts they need to remember in one easy-to-use iPad app. It also gives them the ability to choose the writing tool, either fingertip or iPad compatible stylus, that best suits their needs. Users can also choose from different paper styles and colors, and even import custom backgrounds directly from their personal iPad photo album.

The adjustable zoom ratio feature enables note takers to adjust the size of their font to best accommodate their notepad for optimal information and page capacity. Users are also able to export one page or an entire notepad worth of information.

Some of the convenient and easy-to-use features of Ghostwriter Notes include:

* Smooth and legible high quality in rendering
* Typed or handwritten notes
* Multiple paper types included. Import custom backgrounds from your photo album
* Write with either your finger or stylus for crisp, easy-to-read notes
* Adjustable zoom ratio allows you to custom-design font size
* Share your notes and export one page, several pages, or an entire notepad via email
* Export a page from your notepad directly to your iPad's photo album

Users who take copious amounts of notes can keep them organized by color coding their note pads or applying labels. This makes it easy to find exactly what they're looking for when they need to recall specific information. If they need to share their notes with friends or co-workers, they can even send them via email as PDF files without leaving the app.