Gurobi Announces the Release of Gurobi Optimizer 4.0 Software

Company: Gurobi Optimization
Published: 07 November, 2010
Gurobi Optimization today announced the release of Gurobi Optimizer 4.0, offering new solvers for quadratic programming, faster performance for difficult optimization problems, and new features.

Increasing sales, cutting costs, and reducing production and transit times are goals of most companies. The most competitive companies achieve these goals through smart scheduling and allocation applications built with Gurobi Optimizer. Gurobi Optimizer 4.0 includes new quadratic programming solvers that expand the opportunities for resource optimization.

Quadratic programming is particularly valuable for portfolio optimization in the financial industry, for electric power generation, for continuous process manufacturing and for many other industries where complex business requirements cannot be solved with linear models. Gurobi Optimizer 4.0 enables companies to solve these complex problems with a new quadratic programming solver that delivers industry leading performance.

The new release includes primal simplex, dual simplex, and parallel barrier algorithms for solving continuous quadratic programming (QP) models, plus a deterministic parallel branch-and-cut algorithm for solving mixed integer quadratic programming (MIQP) models.

Dr. Robert Bixby, co-founder and president of Gurobi Optimization said: "I couldn't be happier with the results our development team delivered in this latest release. It already surpasses the performance of the other available QP solvers, while simultaneously introducing a host of other feature enhancements. With the release of version 4.0, we have significantly expanded the capabilities of our core set of solvers."

In addition to the new QP solvers, Gurobi Optimizer 4.0 includes improved numerical robustness, faster performance (10-15% faster across all solvers), new solver strategies for mixed-integer problems, support for Visual Studio 2010, plus a number of other feature enhancements.

These latest enhancements to Gurobi Optimizer's robust, high-performance solvers for linear, mixed-integer and quadratic programming, combined with our common sense licensing and delivery methods, make it even easier for more customers to employ optimization in their businesses.