Harris Corporation Introduces Falcon III(R) Next-Generation VHF Handheld Tactical Radio for International Markets

Company: Harris Corporation.
Published: 22 February, 2009
Harris Corporation, an international communications and information technology company, today announced the release of the Falcon III next-generation VHF handheld, the new RF-7800V-HH VHF handheld tactical radio. Designed to expand the communication capabilities of warfighters on today's networked battlefield, the RF-7800V-HH provides features and performance superior to any other VHF radio available - handheld or manpack.

"The RF-7800V-HH is an example of how Harris is continually evolving its solutions based on the real-world experience of working with militaries and governments around the world everyday," said Dana Mehnert, president, Harris RF Communications. "As forces continue to invest in advanced technology such as Battlefield Management Systems and network backbone infrastructure, it's vital that we field innovative tactical communication solutions to extend these systems and leverage their power to maximize the capability, longevity and value of our customers' investments."

The RF-7800V-HH is equipped with direct plug-n-play USB and Ethernet inputs, eliminating the need for a PC to bridge the radio to peripherals such as webcams or digital cameras, and optimizing it for ease of use in the field. In addition, the ability to connect directly to a USB mass storage device enables easy transfer of mission information or other stored data.

With an IP data rate of up to 192kbps, the RF-7800V-HH enables fast transmission of bandwidth intensive information such as streaming video and high resolution image files. In addition, the radio supports simultaneous voice and data transfer to allow users to talk while they are sending videos, images or situational awareness data.

The RF-7800V-HH radio's unique use of MELP vocoder technology delivers an extended communication range beyond other VHF tactical radios. In addition, MELP ensures maximum voice communication quality and clarity. Dual Net Push to Talk (PTT) capability unifies upper and lower echelon communication by giving operators instant access to two discrete communication networks with the push of a key. To ensure easy and intuitive use, a split-screen display shows key details for both networks in use.

Through the combination of an embedded GPS receiver and a new TDMA waveform, the RF-7800V-HH enables communication of situational awareness information to Battlefield Management Systems (BMS) such as C2PC or other off-the-shelf solutions. With support for both mounted and dismounted use, the RF-7800V-HH provides greater flexibility for BMS situational awareness, and commanders can monitor individual radios on a BMS interface with no interruption of voice or situational awareness data. The RF-7800V-HH continues Harris Corporation's legacy in leading edge Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, enabling the radio to be updated with new features - such as future waveforms - through software upgrades. This architecture gives forces the ability to easily expand the functionality of their existing solution even after it has been installed.

"We have built the RF-7800V-HH to be an optimal combination of leading-edge technology and intuitive usability for today's soldier - every bit of the radio's increased performance has a purpose in making it a more valuable communication tool," said Ted Knowles, director of international product management, Harris RF Communications. "This new radio enables faster, more effective decision-making on the battlefield through increased situational awareness and faster movement of critical information through a highly portable platform."

Harris RF Communications is the leading global supplier of secure radio communications products and systems for military, government and commercial organizations. The company's Falcon(R) family of software-defined tactical radio products and systems include manpack, handheld, vehicular and fixed-site applications.