Havok Launches New Havok Strike Program for Developers

Company: Havok
Published: 14 November, 2010
Havok(TM), the leading provider of interactive software and services for digital media creators in the games and movie industries, today announced that as part of the company's expanding business model it has launched the Havok Strike Program.

The Havok Strike Program is designed to enable smaller budget and casual titles access to basic Havok products and services. The offering will allow developers and publishers more access to Havok's industry leading products as well as allowing studios that are developing lower retail price point games easier access to Havok products and support.

"Havok is determined to continue to be an industry enabler by providing the best resources at an affordable price to all developers," said David Coghlan, Managing Director of Havok.

"We are excited to be supporting the industry with a business model that allows development teams with limited game budgets to innovate using our industry leading technologies and tools."

The Havok Strike Program will give more developers basic access to the company's full suite of cutting-edge, award-winning products and technologies including: Havok Animation(TM), Havok AI(TM), Havok Behavior(TM), Havok Cloth(TM), Havok Destruction(TM), Havok Physics(TM) and the newly added Havok Script(TM). Havok's modular suite of tools puts the power in the hands of creators, allowing them to reach new standards and interactivity in video games even when budgets are very tight.

As one of the early licensees to join the Havok Strike Program, Jose Sanchis, Managing Director of Lexis Numerique adds,

"Havok has long been considered the premier physics engine in the AAA games space. We are delighted that Havok has listened to the needs of the game development community and designed a solution that allows the 'budget conscious' developer to take advantage of their products as well. Havok is not only the best technical solution, but also a great business partner. We look forward to creating many wonderful games with help from Havok."

The Havok Strike Program is both flexible and affordable, allowing developers to leverage Havok's proven technology and to push game play experience even within the smaller budgets driven by lower retail price points. The developers who participate in the program will have the flexibility in choosing which Havok products best fit their game needs. In addition, the Havok Strike Program developers will have access to Havok's world class, experienced customer support organization, driven to make the integration of Havok technology successful.

Havok will officially launch the new program with developers on November 15th at Game Connection in Lyon France.