Hop-on Launches Six New GSM and 3G Phones Into the Market

Published: 08 June, 2008
Hop-on, Inc. announced today that it will introduce 6 new phones for distribution worldwide. Hop-on's new HOP1800 Series phones will range from a $125 PDA phone to the world's lowest cost phone for $10 in the US. These phones are built using high quality standards of components and manufacturing.

Peter Michaels, President and CEO of Hop-on stated, "Our new series of 1800 phones will debut into all markets worldwide. We will have market presence throughout the globe with our high-end technology PDA phone to our low end phone that is, well, that is really just a phone. Since the announcement of our $10USD 'Anti iPhone', we have had inquiries from distributors and carriers from over 30 countries."

Hop-on's new series includes the HOP1801 Smart Phone. This particular phone will be the lowest cost Smart Phone on the market. The HOP1803 is an Ultra Low Price GSM Tri band phone, and the HOP1805 is an Ultra Low Price cell phone for emerging markets. And the HOP1810 GSM Dual Band Camera Phone. All four phones will be available for distribution in North and South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, supporting English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and more upon request. Available in North and South America are the HOP1808 Dual Sim Mobile Phone with Camera, Supported MP4/SMS/MMS/GPRS/WAP/FM Stereo with Bluetooth optional. The HOP1809 3G mobile phone with Camera, supported MP4 /MMS/ STK/ JAVA/ BREW/ SMS and Bluetooth. And finally the HOP1800, the Lowest Cost mobile phone in the world. This simple phone is a GSM Dual band with no display that features a Braille keypad.

Michaels further stated, "Since Apple is launching their new 3G iPhone next Monday, maybe I can talk to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple and see if he'll buy our $10 phone and include it as a give away in their packaging. This way, if you drop your 3G iPhone in the water, you can use the backup to call Apple for anther $500 phone. They can call it the Back-up iPhone! Seriously, the launch of our new phones is an exciting time for Hop-on; we will penetrate the market worldwide in all price points. We look forward to this next phase of our new innovative phones."