IceWEB Introduces Storage Virtualization Software

Company: IceWEB
Published: 29 August, 2009
IceWEB's wholly owned subsidiary, INLINE Corporation announced that optional software modules are now available for Iplicity allowing organizations to virtualize underlying storage for Virtual Machines.

"Iplicity enables the management and presentation of underlying storage for virtual servers. Virtualized storage space can be served up to virtual servers via NFS or iSCSI or Fiber Channel. The management of the storage for these environments is dramatically improved through the use of the Iplicity VM Data Center. Put simply, this module delivers one-click virtual storage provisioning and virtual machine cloning," said Gary Dunham, Sr. VP of Product Development for INLINE. "Organizations have been swiftly migrating from physical computer servers to virtual server environments - this makes sense from a cost, a deployment, and an environmental perspective. Iplicity gives these organizations the ability to virtualize the underlying storage for all of their servers. This capability represents a logical extension or augmentation of those same cost, deployment, and energy conscious goals. The ability to point Virtual Machines at an easily manageable, robust and scalable pool of thinly provisioned virtual storage will save time, increase flexibility, and further the industry's march toward elasticized cloud computing."