IKIVO Release Enrich 5 UI Solution

Company: IKIVO
Published: 12 February, 2011
IKIVO, the market leading supplier of user interface solutions based on open web standards, today announced the release of Enrich 5 UI Solution. Powered by an unparalleled client and efficient tool chain, Enrich 5 ensures rapid design, implementation and delivery of compelling user interfaces, with possibilities beyond the native capabilities of any given platform. Enrich offers screen resolution independence, essential in realizing a true a multi-screen experience.

"There is an increasing need for product differentiation and meaningful design," says Sebastien Ruggieri, VP Engineering of IKIVO. "For Enrich 5 we concentrated on improving the design and development workflow to shorten the time from early concept to implementation while providing unmatched performance. This new release of Enrich will empower our customers to deliver cutting edge and innovative designs, across a wide range of platforms and screens, with the shortest time to market."

One key new feature introduced in Enrich 5 is the drag and drop UI design that increases support of collaboration between UI designers and developers. The updated and expanded Enrich UI Framework makes it easier for designers and developers to compose a flexible, custom UI. Enrich tools make it easy to go beyond the capabilities of the platform's native UI solutions with the help of integrated support for gesture interactions, animations, effects, and screen transitions.