InQuinox Responds to Market with SanXfer 2.0, Multiple Editions

Company: InQuinox, LLC.
Published: 29 April, 2010
InQuinox today announced the release of SanXfer 2.0, Multiple Editions: DC Mover Edition, Datacenter Edition, and the Automated DR Edition, designed to serve specific market segments. This strategic move allows InQuinox to offer segment specific functionality within its SanXfer software suite at competitive pricing.

SanXfer helps businesses save money by enabling and supporting servers that boot directly off a Storage Area Network (SAN). SanXfer can replace, upgrade, and provision SAN servers in minutes, shaving hours or days off the process.

The new SanXfer DC Mover Edition targets teams who are performing one-time data center moves and is a faster way to migrate SAN booting systems from one data center to new hardware in another. To meet the needs of planned datacenter moves, the DC Mover Edition is licensed on a per-use basis.

The SanXfer DataCenter Edition is designed for organizations seeking to improve server reliability and SAN efficiency. The DataCenter Edition is licensed to allow for repeated use on multiple servers. This allows upgrading or replacing a server as needed. SanXfer enables a dead server to be replaced with a temporary, virtual server until new hardware is available.

The SanXfer Automated DR Edition is for customers using SAN replication as a part of their Disaster Recovery strategy. The Automated DR Edition helps users bring up physical or virtual servers at a remote site within minutes. "Using SanXfer as part of a DR plan allows companies to improve the reliability and testability of their whole disaster recovery process. Whether it is the loss of a single server, or of an entire site, SanXfer's fast and easy-to-use interface can get their systems back up and running in record time!" said Brad Hargett, CEO of InQuinox.

SanXfer software allows the migration of existing local booting systems to SAN booting systems and back to local booting systems, when need. Similarly, SanXfer allows the conversion of physical systems to virtual systems (P2V) and back to physical systems (V2P) on demand. In every scenario, SanXfer gives users the freedom of switching to new server or storage hardware, quickly and painlessly. SanXfer works with all existing server hardware as well all types of SANs.