Introducing the Evolution of DENALI Accounting Software

Company: Cougar Mountain Accounting Software
Published: 13 December, 2010
When users open CMS's next generation accounting software, DENALI 3.0, they will be met with a new appearance that displays a better, more intuitive and accessible look and feel. DENALI 3.0 is more user-friendly to DENALI users, and streamlines processes.

The tasks, functions and reports performed in DENALI remain the same, but now DENALI better fits into the user's every day needs. For example, greater flexibility - in the customization of the software, as well as in the ability to develop features that meet the demands of future technologies.

DENALI's most predominant feature is its new face. This new look for DENALI comes with an easy to use navigation, and bigger, updated icons.

The four new intuitive views are:

- A workflow chart specific to each module (and color-coded) that organizes the most used processes step by step.
- A new toolbar that contains updated icons to the most commonly used applications within the software.
- An intuitive pane where users can click on a menu button to view the corresponding window options. Double-clicking on a window option opens the associated window in which the user can complete the task.
- An information view area that provides a quick description of what is currently being viewed.

Additionally, this release includes some new mini-features that enhance the overall user-friendly navigation:

- Define module-wide preferences in Controller, such as security rights, printer functions, and navigation (classic or new).
- Add, edit, clear, delete, or post batches using a right-click menu in the navigation panes.
- Right-click menu functionality to manage UDF Codes.
- Single-click on icons to access the windows needed on a regular basis.
- Use Controller to purge conversion and integration reports after 30 days to save hard drive space.
- View all open batches in the Manage Batches section of the navigation pane.
- View samples of every report with a single click in the navigation pane to make sure it is the report wanted.
- Customize workflows and navigation buttons with relative ease through our Customization Department.
- View integration settings in each module at the bottom of the workflow area.
- New interactive flowcharts, giving more detailed information within the Help menu.

Denali 3.0 users can also access both CMS At-A-Glance Dashboards directly from within the software with the click of an icon:

- Cougar Dtails, A Financial Dashboard, which pulls data from the General Ledger Module.
- Cougar Dtails, A Sales Dashboard, which pulls the data from the Inventory, Sales (Point of Sale and/or Order Entry) and Accounts Receivable modules.

All Denali products are built using the Microsoft SQL Server database, which gives Denali extra speed, stability and multi-level security. Cougar Mountain Software's in-house Custom Modification Department have also made great strides in customizing the Denali product line, which can make it an even better fit for any small and medium business.