IssueTrak Releases Version 9.5 with New User Interface, Improves User Experience

Company: IssueTrak, Inc.
Published: 20 January, 2010
IssueTrak, an internationally recognized leader in issue tracking, help desk and customer support software, has released IssueTrak Version 9.5.

The new version introduces an advanced and better-organized user interface that makes IssueTrak even easier to use.

Navigation is enhanced and streamlined, with two navigation bars that provide one-click access to the most commonly accessed screens:

* The Top Bar, located at the very top of the screen, provides icons for Home, Print, System Settings, Lookup Issue Number, and Logout.

* The Menu Bar, which is slightly lower on the page, includes access to Home, Main, Administration, and add-on modules such as Surveys or Asset Management.

A "type-ahead" feature filters information automatically as a user types, allowing the user to make the right choice without having to scan through a long list. Type-ahead is available in Quick Picks, Organization, Project, Assets, and user-search sections, such as Submitted By, Caller, Assigned To, and Next Action.

On the Dashboard, the date and time of the last data refresh now appear directly under the Menu Bar, so users instantly know how current the displayed metrics are.

Section header bars have expand and collapse options that allow each user to customize their own view, easily seeing the issue tracking, help desk or customer support information that is most important to them.

"As our customers put ever-growing amounts of information into IssueTrak and spend more of their day in the software it has become increasingly important for us to make IssueTrak easy to use," said Hank Luhring, CEO of IssueTrak, Inc. "With the new usability enhancements in Version 9.5, we are helping users get to the exact screen and specific information they need quickly and efficiently, allowing them to improve productivity."