Ittiam Announces Feature-rich, Off-the-shelf Multi-Channel DVR System for Video Security Applications

Company: Ittiam Systems Private Limited.
Published: 10 August, 2009
Ittiam announces an off-the-shelf multi-channel digital video recorder (DVR) system based on the TMS320DM646x(TM) digital media processor from Texas Instruments (TI) for high quality and reliability applications in the video security industry.

Ittiam's DVR system is designed for a broad range of DVR products including PC add-on-cards, rack-mounted recorder cards and stand-alone DVR systems. It is a complete system solution with media compression technology, feature-rich application and an intuitive user interface.

At its core, the system leverages Ittiam's high performance H.264 Main Profile encoder with application specific enhancements, such as bit-optimal VBR rate control, subjective quality improvements exploiting spatial activity-based bit consumption optimizations and field picture encoding modes for interlace camera inputs. The highly optimized H.264 encoder and decoder leverage the performance of TI's DM646x processor to enable system performance of four channels of simultaneous recording, eight channels of file playback or simultaneous recording up to four channels and playback up to two channels (at 600MHz).

The DVR system combines high-quality media compression with video security specific live recording options, interactive media file playback, dual-streaming capability and an intuitive Web browser based user interface. Live Recording features overlay date, time and other user configured information in the recorded files and event triggered pre-event recording with configurable trigger options enabling optimized utilization of storage space. Recorded files can be played on standard players such as QuickTime(TM) and VLC(TM). Playback features include multi-channel video composition, file listing, file selection, trick play and single step modes to enable close review of live recordings. Dual streaming allows high quality recording and bandwidth optimized streaming from a given camera simultaneously. Hybrid operations enabling simultaneous multi-channel live camera recording and streaming and file playback are supported. The DVR system is also equipped with notifications of events such as loss of camera signal, network connectivity or low disk space and is equipped with comprehensive handling for these events. The Web browser user interface enables easy user access to all DVR features. An additional IR based remote control option to control local file playback completes the intuitive user interface.

"With a powerful system-on-chip like the DM646x, it is critical to leverage the device features and functionality to deliver the highest possible performance," said Sattam Dasgupta, vice president, media streaming business, Ittiam Systems. "We have ensured this by designing a system that optimizes the critical path across BSP, codecs, media system and application," he added.

"Building off their technology expertise, Ittiam was able to leverage the functionality of the DM646x digital media processors to create this very feature-rich, off-the-shelf solution," said Jacob Alamat, TI's digital media processors business manager. "By optimizing this solution, Ittiam is helping customers get to market faster."

The DVR system leverages all avenues of optimization at system and component levels including hardware, board support package, media encoders and decoders to provide an optimized and reliable video security DVR solution. It is proven in high end surveillance for government systems and applications including aerial, maritime surveillance and law enforcement car DVRs.

This system is available off-the-shelf from Ittiam enabling a faster time-to-market for customers and is delivered along with datasheet, user guide and comprehensive test reports. Ittiam also offers hardware design expertise, customizations to the DVR software system including custom GUI and board support package to suit custom application requirements.