IVT Releases the World's first Bluetooth V3.0 Stack for Moblin and Android

Published: 29 April, 2009
VT, a major global supplier of Bluetooth software, announced it has released the world's first Bluetooth V3.0+HS commercial stack for Intel's Moblin and Google's Android platforms.

IVT has been actively involved in developing the Bluetooth standards on a number of Bluetooth Technical Working groups, and was recognized by the Bluetooth SIG as a major contributor on developing the latest Bluetooth technology.

IVT's Bluetooth host protocol stack and profiles have a long history; it was the world's first commercial Bluetooth host stack, released in November 1999; it is widely used, mature, efficient with a very small code size, suitable for embedded applications including mobile applications and desktop applications; it supports multi-OS, multiple Bluetooth silicon, almost all the Bluetooth profiles, and is the de facto standard for interoperability in the industry; it is the core of IVT's most popular application software - BlueSoleil for Win 2000, XP, Vista, CE and Linux (e.g. Moblin and Android). IVT can offer the ANSI C source code of its Bluetooth host stack and all profiles.

On top of its own latest Bluetooth V3.0+HS stack, IVT is now developing BlueSoleil 7.0 multi-wireless connection manager, which can support multiple radios with rich applications and can run on Window 2000, XP, Vista and Window 7, Moblin and Android.