Kakuro CS App From Dogfish Software is Now Available for iPad

Company: Dogfish Software
Published: 10 April, 2010
Dogfish Software announced the official release of their latest game, Kakuro CS for the iPad. Kakuro originates from Japan and is a math-based puzzle that offers similar logic challenges to Sudoku and crossword puzzles. Kakuro CS offers hours of enjoyable, challenging fun.

With this latest release, Dogfish Software makes its mark by having an application in the initial iPad store. According to Dogfish Software CEO Dan Zimmerman, "We believe that the iPad platform is going to revolutionize mobile computing. We were excited to launch Kakuro CS -- our first application designed exclusively for the iPad -- to take advantage of iPad features that create a great gaming experience. With its increased screen size, intuitive user interface and challenging puzzles, our latest application is the first of many Dogfish apps for this new and exciting device." The new Kakuro CS puzzle for iPad complements previous Dogfish Software creations CrossSums and CrossSums Lite for the iPhone.

Regarding the future of iPad development, Mr. Zimmerman continued, "Many of our prospective clients are looking to us to help them enter the mobile arena. Our discussions have centered on developing iPhone and Android applications, but we see a natural progression to the iPad. As it becomes a standard for publications, multimedia and gaming, users' minds will open up to greater possibilities. As developers, we could not be more excited about the opportunity to have this new platform to work on."