LeCroy First to Ship PCI Express(R) 3.0 Protocol Analyzer

Company: LeCroy Corporation
Published: 22 December, 2009
LeCroy Corporation, a leading supplier of serial data test solutions, today announced the first shipments of PCI Express 3.0 Protocol Analyzers in the protocol test equipment industry. The new Summit(TM) T316 is LeCroy's fifth generation of protocol analyzers targeted at high speed PCI Express I/Obased applications. The LeCroy Summit T316 captures, decodes and analyzes PCI Express bus traffic at data rates up to 8 GT/s per lane on bus widths up to 16 lanes, with an effective data transfer rate of 2X the previous PCIe 2.0 specification (5 GT/s).

LeCroy is a leader in PCI Express analysis and test equipment. Providing equipment early in the development cycle when it is needed most is what LeCroy customers have come to expect. Many PCIe 3.0 based products in 2010 will rely on this essential tool to meet their power-on requirements.

"LeCroy is in a unique position to offer the only protocol analyzer to early adopters of PCIe 3.0 technology," said John Wiedemeier, Product Marketing Manager of LeCroy's Interconnect Communications Group. "The Summit T316 protocol analyzer not only supports an 8 GT/s recording speed with the industry's most advanced software tools, but also supports two probing methods that can tap the high speeds of PCI Express 3.0. PCIe 3.0 achieves an effective data transfers rate of 2X the previous specification through the combination on an increased data rate and significant reduction on overhead during data transfer."

In addition to the Summit T3-16, LeCroy's PCI Express protocol test family includes the Edge(TM) T14 for PCIe 1.0 with lane widths up to x4, the PETracer(TM) ML Analyzer and Exerciser for PCIe 1.1 with lane widths up to x8, and the Summit T216 Analyzer and Summit Z216 Exerciser for PCIe 2.0 with lane widths up to x16.