LiveViewGPS, Inc. Introduces iPhone Utility Application With Live GPS Tracking

Company: LiveViewGPS
Published: 26 June, 2010
LiveViewGPS, a successful GPS tracking company, is pleased to announce a brand new iPhone Application that will allow LiveViewGPS users who own the LiveTrac series GPS trackers the ability to track their devices in real time from any iPhone.

Using the GPS tracking system, users will be able to track their most precious assets from their children to expensive items such as watches, cars or lap tops from the comfort of their iPhone screens.

"The purpose behind this new iPhone application is to impart peace of mind among consumers who are apprehensive about the whereabouts of their possessions," said a LiveViewGPS representative.

"The new iPhone application will give consumers peace of mind and business owners mobile monitoring of their company vehicles."

The new application will work in conjunction with the LiveTrac PT-10 GPS Tracker, LiveTrac PT-10, Professional GPS Tracker, LiveTrac RTV5 Vehicle Tracker and LiveTrac RTV10 Nav Tracker.

The new iPhone application along with the standard features of the web-based software now allows for real time fleet tracking of any GPS tracking device from the convenience of an iPhone. Fleet tracking is very beneficial to employers who manage company vehicles. Bosses can keep tabs on where vehicles' locations are at any given time. This technology has the ability to track when employees arrive at a jobsite or delivery location, what time employees start and end their driving shifts, how long they took for lunch, or how long they were stopped at a particular location. Fleet Managers can also keep track of the speed and route of each vehicle.

With personal vehicles, users will be able to view their equipment's exact location via vehicle tracking to see their vehicle's speed and direction of travel from the convenience of their iPhone. The user can also keep track of exactly where devices are 24/7.

Furthermore, users who have the RTV5 installed with optional relays will be able to disable their vehicles starter, lock and unlock their vehicles doors, and remotely start their vehicles via their mobile device.