Location Labs Launches Location-as-a-Service Platform

Company: Location Labs Inc.
Published: 22 June, 2010
Location Labs Inc. announces the launch of its Location-as-a-Service Platform today, providing location APIs for developers to build next-generation location features in their applications. The platform is a product of many decades of cumulative research by the company's UC Berkeley PhD-heavy engineering team, led by Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Scott Hotes.

"The continuous stream of location data now available on many smartphone devices presents both a tremendous opportunity as well as a unique challenge to mobile developers," noted Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO of Location Labs. "We have created useful tools that help developers capitalize on the power of background processing of location data on multiple platforms."

The Location Labs Platform includes the following services for developers:

* Geofencing Service: Allows developers to leverage background processing on smart phones to create location-based triggers for their applications. For example, developers can create a Geofence around a favorite place and automatically "check-in" subscribers when they enter the place.

* Universal Location Service: Allows developers to locate over 180MM devices in real time through a cloud-based API. There is no download required for the end user, and the service can locate ALL types of devices: both smartphones and non-smartphones.

* Location Privacy Service: Provides developers a simple set of user interface widgets that lets users control how their location is shared, offering end-user control and transparency in sharing location. The Location Labs Privacy Service lets users opt-in or out of location sharing via SMS, mobile web, or even a web portal. Leverages industry-standard OAuth for easy integration.

Developers across the board are already using Location Labs' services to enhance and build innovative location-based applications in a variety of vertical markets including social, marketing, gaming, and logistics tracking. Location-based applications continue to explode in popularity among smartphone users; in fact, as indicated by a recent Apple iTunes report, an estimated 12% of the apps in the iPhone App Store had a location component.

"The Location Labs Geofencing Service made it incredibly easy to implement geofencing for the upcoming update to our iPhone application," reported Navneet Aron, founder and CEO of MobiQpons, Inc. "Our icon will automatically light up when the user is nearby a local coupon it's going to add an entire new dimension to our application."

Matt Chasen, CEO and founder of transport marketplace uShip, is leveraging the Universal Location Service. "In a matter of weeks, we began displaying the locations of transporters so customers could track their shipments through a map on our website. And there was no need for truckers on uShip to install or download an app on their devices they simply opted-in for it to start working. Ultimately, uShip tracking has been a huge hit with all of our members."