ManagePro 9.5 Release -- Cost-Effective, Integrated Business Intelligence, Project and Task Management

Company: Performance Solutions Technology, LLC
Published: 02 August, 2009
The ManagePro 9.5 release targets savings and simplification with the ability to collaborate and coordinate with others in a simple matter that keeps what's important in focus. ManagePro 9.5 bridges multiple functions used daily in a business-driven design, stretching from strategic planning to day-to-day task and document management. In the process, it pulls data from outside applications to support a single source for managing tasks, projects and strategy.

The "work smarter" ManagePro 9.5 ushers in a slate of business-friendly features to solidify ManagePro's All-in-One management capability. Features include enabling BI users to pull data from any MS Excel or Project file or ODBC compliant database to populate Balance Scorecards, KPIs and on-going departmental project plans; extended drag and drop integration with MS Outlook; and improved time tracking/estimating to ease the burden of project and task management.

ManagePro 9.5's new BI features provide a wizard-based synchronization process to guide the user through setting up links to data in other applications, such as pointing at a MS Excel file and specified cell. It's not complicated and doesn't require an IT department to setup. Instead of providing a mash-up integration, like many applications, ManagePro actually pulls the data in from other locations to be accessible for history drill-downs, scorecard and dashboard population, even timeline chart tracking.

Integration with email is another source of savings, especially the ability to drag email from MS Outlook into ManagePro's display of strategic and project plans as progress updates and to-dos.

When it comes to estimating and tracking time, ManagePro and MProLite make it easy to enter time, report and run analytics on where the time is being spent, and easy to track the percentage of project each manager is finishing on time and on budget.