Maxsi Launches myLiveDashboard

Company: Maxsi Ltd
Published: 23 November, 2010
Web analytics company Maxsi has launched myLiveDashboard, a new online system which provides live real-time reporting on website activity.

It enables website managers to take immediate action to stop money being wasted on their website.

Craig Lewis, Internet Manager at the UK's largest independently owned travel agent Hays Travel said "The past I cannot change. The present and the future I can do something about. myLiveDashboard enables me to take immediate action about abandoned baskets."

Particularly useful for e-commerce websites, myLiveDashboard abandoned basket reports yields full details of visitors who abandon baskets as well as their basket details. E-commerce managers can then chase down these visitors immediately by email or call centre to recover these lost sales.

myLiveDashboard live funnel reporting also prevents money being wasted by allowing online marketing managers to identify and stop non-performing pay per click campaigns before they blow advertising budgets.

"Unfortunately most website analysis systems take days to produce information. By then it is too late, it's history. myLiveDashboard displays, in a range of simple to understand graphical displays, what is happening on your website right now. It allows you to save lost money by resurrecting abandoned baskets and binning poorly performing ad campaigns," said John Harrison, CEO of Maxsi - developers of myLiveDashboard.

"On the first day of beta testing on a live site not only did we show the e-commerce manager that over 90% of baskets on his website were being abandoned but we also gave him a list of phone numbers and email addresses from those baskets for his call centre to chase up. He was gobsmacked to say the least," continued John.

myLiveDashboard is compatible with most historical website analytics systems. Maxsi are offering free 30 day trials of myLiveDashboard.