Milliman Releases MG-ALFA Version 7.0

Company: Milliman, Inc.
Published: 15 July, 2010
Milliman, Inc., the international firm of consultants and actuaries, today announced a major new release of its MG-ALFA financial projection software.

Significant enhancements to MG-ALFA 7.0 include:

* A new user interface incorporating Microsoft's newest tools for providing a rich and efficient user experience

* Expanded data model that delivers unlimited model flexibility

* New security model integrated with Windows Active Directory

* Direct Excel reporting capabilities

* Direct Excel table input capabilities

The new user interfaces continue the migration of the entire MG-ALFA system to a more modern platform, expanding functionality and opening opportunities for more streamlined integration with third party applications and data sources. The expanded data model allows actuaries to define models using any and all data elements to differentiate assumptions within the model. The new security model supports user groups with tiered access rights, and is controlled by the familiar and IT-friendly Active Directory structure.

The new Excel integration delivers significant enhancements for both input and output. Tabular data can now be stored in Excel and read directly by the MG-ALFA system, and the new Excel reporting capabilities deliver complete flexibility in report design and presentation and allow for production reporting without moving through the system interface.

"Version 7.0 is the most significant release in our recent history," said Pat Renzi, MG-ALFA Global Practice Leader at Milliman, Inc. "The user interface enhancements build upon the complete rewrite of our underlying calculation engine that we recently completed, resulting in the most modern system on the market today. And the broad upgrades in this new version strengthen MG-ALFA's dominant position in the US and support our European expansion as the leading solution for C3 Phase III, Principles Based Reserves, and Solvency II."